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Martin Handcraft Alto Sax

S/N 69xxx (stock #1029)

 This horn has been sold!

The pictures are below

Sweet Ol’ Silver Sax 80-yr-old Martin Handcraft Alto


Martin Handcraft Alto

“Handcraft” – Elkhart, Indiana

Silver-Plated Alto Saxophone

Stock Number 1029

Serial Number 69507

Made in 1926


This sax is in a remarkable state of preservation for an 80-year-old instrument.


Buy It Now bidder will get the Martin alto mouthpiece shown…very nice condition…tip, rails, table…all look great…I don’t even see any bite marks or ligature marks.


The sax has matching serial number on body and on neck. Also has matching serial number ‘hidden’ under one of the keys.


This sax has been repadded and adjusted. All new white leather Prestini pads, corks and green felts.


This sax comes with silver-plated neck plug and silver-plated mouthpiece cap. Royal purple lined case, with working key included. Handle looks bad, but seems solid.


One foot of Low D# guard looks to have been resoldered. Nothing that can be called a dent. There are some light scratches circling the neck, just past the cork, maybe where someone was too rough when removing an old cork. And they are some small superficial dinks in the finish of the neck…looks like it was rubbing against something in the case.


Picture one...left profile.


Picture two...right profile

Picture three...left closeup.

Picture 4...right closeup.

Lovely engraving...body of sax is silver satin while engraving is bright silver.

Nicely sculpted palm keys.

Seventh picture...right hand pinkie keys.

Picture 8

Pict. 9...Neck, plug and octave mechanism.

Pict. 10...Mouthpiece back.

Mouthpiece face.

Picture 12. Case, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, plug and key.

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