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Martin Indiana Tenor

Serial Number 33183
Dates to somewhere 1942 to 1951

SOLD - Oct. 2008

This Martin Indiana tenor sax is for sale.
It was made in 1942-51 period. The serial number charts I look at show a gap in the Indiana serial numbers from 26xxx to 41xxx which spans 1942-51, which is assumedly where this horn falls.
This Indiana is among the early ones made under the Martin name.
It's a Martin design, and uses parts and tooling from previous Martin models, such as the Handcraft and the Handcraft Committee which was no longer needed after introduction of the "The Martin" series of new saxes in 1945.
You can compare it to the earlier Martins by visiting Edwin Van Druten's "The Martin Story" website, to see the keywork.

It's a well-built, heavy horn. The trademark Martin soldered-in, beveled-top tonehole walls are a full 1/8" thick. And it has the same lush, warm tone of other Martin tenors.
Van Druten compares it favorably to the legendary and more costly "The Martin Tenor".

This horn has had pads, corks and felts replaced where necessary. It is in good playing condition.

This horn comes with a sturdy newer hard-shell case in great condition.
It also comes with the original Martin Guarantee paperwork. It never ceases to amaze me how these bits of ephemera make it through the decades.
A Martin mouthpiece from the same period is included (be sure to remind me to send it). If you want to 'kick it up a notch' just slip on a modern high-baffle metal piece, and the horn will bark like a big dog!

This is an affordable tenor from one of America's best - The Martin Co., and it's a Martin in every sense of the word.

Martin Indiana Tenor


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