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Otto Link
Metal "Master"
Series T5
"3" Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

I measure the tip opening to be .065"


MASTER LINK MOUTHPIECE (Early 1930s): The "MASTER" Link mouthpiece is the the first mouthpiece made by Otto Link in the early 1930's.
It has cut out ridges under the table, allowing a special ligature to slide on. Later models replaced that ligature with the more common Link ligature.

These mouthpieces have a very low baffle, a huge chamber and small tip opening with a long, deep facing.
They have a warm, dark, sound. Ligature and cap included. Tip and rails in very good shape. Bite plate excellent shape.
Really good condition for 70+ yrs.

Check out the Link Slant Sig Hard Rubber mouthpiece from the same time period.

Link "Master" 3 Tenor Sax Mpc.


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