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LA Sax Soprano

Model LA660-GL; Serial Number 247xxx

Apr. 26, 2008 - $150 price cut!
Now $1049

This is a great-playing curved soprano sax, keyed to high G.
This horn is next-to-new and is very well set-up and regulated.
I am hard-pressed to find any flaws to the lacquer, much less to the horn itself.

The early LA Sax Sopranos had some intonation problems up until the early 2000s when they closely copied Yanagisawa sopranos.
This one is a 2005 vintage and they had resolved the intonation problems well before then.

The tone is very clear and lilting, not goaty at all like some straight sops.
Tonewise it is very adaptable...with the timbre having a versatile character, making it suitable for a wide variety of styles.
The previous owner was using it for classical work, jazz combo, and Kenny G- like tunes. .

LA Sax may make the best curvy after Yanagisawa (which is more than twice as expensive).
It is well built, with heavy brass and good quality pads.
Even brand new, these saxes need adjustments... tone holes that need flattening, pads which need reseating....So in a very real way, this horn, having had very little use and being well-regulated, is better than a new horn
This horn comes with the original mouthpiece, ligature and cap, in excellent condition, a decent Yamaha copy, marked "4C".
The case is very sturdy and protective...very little wear. Also included is the warranty card

LA sax Soprano


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