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King Zephyr Alto Sax

S/N 307xxx (Doctor Sax stock #1004)

All new pads, corks, felts.

The pictures are below

This horn was made during the Golden Years at King.


sOLD Dec. 2007

Serial Number 307xxx. SaxGourmet serial number reference puts the date in the early 1950’s ( 305000 – 1950; 340000 – 1955), but I found another reference that puts it at 1949. So…I feel safe in saying it was made sometime 1949 – 1955.

It was built in Cleveland, Ohio…not Elkhart, imagine that…by the H.N. White Company.

This horn was made during the same time as the Super 20’s and shares many of the quality key mechanisms as well as other features from the Super 20. This is a great upgrade horn for a student who wants something “meatier” than a cheap introductory horn made in Asia or a pro looking for a new sound.

It has all new pads from Feree’s, as well as new corks and felts (green). It has been adjusted and regulated, cleaned and oiled.

It has new lacquer, from the 90’s maybe, and it shows the signs of use since then. After all this horn wasn’t built to live in the closet. The engraving is plainly visible and reads:


There are a few runs in the lacquer.
It is common knowlege that Martin saxes have soldered-in tonehole 'chimneys', but it is less well known that King also soldered-in their tonehole chimneys as well. This Zephyr is no exception. Building the toneholes this way makes for a thicker tonehole chimney wall, a better padseat and a "darker" sound.
There has been some dentwork done on the sides of the bow, but the guard on the bottom of bow seems untouched...a good sign that the horn retains its original geometry.

This horn has a double socket neck. Includes original brass neck protector ring.

The bell guards are well-designed both functionally and aesthetically.

The lower stack keys (right hand) are protected by bell itself.

White pearl key touches and rollers.

The F# – G# adjustment arm has adjustment screws.

The case is pretty cool…it’s got an alligator sort of thing going on. It’s got the metal emblem with the following embossed on it:
The H.N. White co., Cleveland, O --- “KING”
I assume the case is original to the horn. It is in good shape. Some wear on the leather corner covers on the bottom side (the side with the feet). The handle seems solid, but it is showing wear. If you are going to be lugging this Zephyr to gigs on a regular basis you’ll probably get a Cordura case or something and save this one for ‘show”. The latches both have good springs; they latch well. Kudos to the latchmaker. The lining is a lovely claret color…there is some soiling, but nothing gross.

The serial number appears on the body under the thumbhook as well as ‘hidden’ on the underside of the side Bb key.

This horn plays in tune and has a great lower end. The low notes really command attention...the more you put in/the more you get out! If you want to play R&B or otherwise hold your own in a loud crowd...give this guy a try.

I loaned this out for a week here in August '07 to a local saxplayer while I worked on his horn.
He reported back that he loved it..."I blew them all away".
He also mentioned that the G# pad was sticking, so I took it apart, cleaned the G# pad and tonehole and treated the pad with Teflon Dry Lube I got from Sax Gourmet. Before I put it back together, I increased the spring tension on the spring that opens the G#. It works well now.

King Zephyr Alto Sax


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