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Jupiter Soprano Sax

Model JSS-749-547

Frankly, I never did figure out if this is a model 749 or a model 547.
The complete model designation on the sax is as shown above.

I was impressed by a couple of things they did to improve the intonation.

The first two pictures show the double C key at the top of the stack.
When in the low register both C Keys are down.
But when in the high register, just the top C Key is down.

The last group of photos attemp to show how the neck narrows down suddenly.
On this black lacquer horn you can barely see a little waviness in the body/neck as the horn narrows down more than a smooth cone would. It is slight, but it undoubtedly decreases the internal volume of the horn as it approaches the upper octave key.

Jupiter Soprano


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