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Jupiter Alto Sax
Model JAS-769 767

Serial Number 305536 (1994)


This Jupiter Alto Sax is in great working condition.
It can easily take a student all the way through high school, into college.
I believe this JAS-767 is Jupiter's intermediate model alto sax. which is nicer than the JAS-667 that I sold a while ago.
For more information you can try some of the links on my "Musical Instrument Reference" webpage, under the Modern Sax Manufacturers heading, look for both Jupiter and KHS.

KHS/Jupiter is the standard-setter for quality in Taiwan manufactured saxes, not unlike Yamaha was for Japan many years ago.
An indication of this is that Vito/LeBlanc chose to KHS (Jupiter's parent company) to make their saxes, just as they chose Yamaha to do so many years ago.

This instrument is keyed up to High F# and has many modern features such as the tilting left-hand pinkie spatula keys and the low B / C# linkage to keep the low C# closed on fast passages.

There are some scratches around on the bell and bow, around the mother of pearl fingertouch for the G# is missing. It plays fine without it. I have ordered an oval pearl already. When it arrives I will install it if it is the right size and shape. If not, I will order another, etc. One way or another I will get one and install it.

But the horn is solid and straight and ready to play.

Sept. 27 - It took 4 tries, but I finally got a genuine, authentic Jupiter G# fingertouch.
As shown in the final 3 pictures.

Jupiter Alto


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