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Vandoren Jumbo Java
A55 Alto Mouthpiece


High baffle and a big bore for an increased sound impact and edgy tone that'll compete with any metal mouthpiece.
Versatile...for hot jazz to blues to funk to rock.

The A55 Jumbo Java is:
"A perfect marriage of chamber and facing makes this mouthpiece state of the art."
Tip: 247 / Facing: Long (I think that means 24.7 mm which converts to 0.097 inches)

These Jumbo Javas have a substantial baffle.
As we blow harder the higher partials increase as a percentage of the tone we hear. This is what is really perceived as "louder" or more projection...the higher partials.
A sound analysis graph of a mouthpiece with a large baffle shows a marked increase in partials in the 1000 hz - 2000 hz range, right where the ear is most sensitive...this is what makes a mouthpiece with a large baffle sound much louder.
But even without a baffle, saxophone tone at increasing volume levels demonstrates mostly an increase in the strength of the overtones.

You might want to check out a vintage, blue Vandoren Jumbo Java A35 Alto mouthpiece.

Jumbo Java Alto A55


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