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Gulf Alto Sax

Serial Number 67120786


This next-to-new horn is the best of its kind!
Gold-plated, engraved stem-to-stern, all the extras...
...why don't you take a gander at the pictures below first.

This is one beautiful, solid, great-playing horn.
Gold-plated and engraved from 'top to toe'...engraving on bell, bell rim, bow, body and neck.

Well-suited for intermediate-to-advanced student and pro....the sky's the limit!

I like this horn better than the Cannonball horns, Keilwerth and B&S horns I have seen and played.

The Gulf is an excellent example of how far the Chinese/Taiwanese (there is some collaboration with shipped parts) have come in producing fine quality saxophones. It's hard to believe anyone could open the case of this Gulf and not be amazed at its beauty and craftsmanship. It has a solid feel and doesn't possess any cheapness about it, in my opinion.

It makes me think of how. decades ago, the Japanese had to build up their reputation as saxophone makers, to the point where, today, the high-end Japanese horns are now as well-respected as those made in Europe.

This Gulf is the same horn as the TopSax - Legend Series IV imported by Bob Campbell.

This horn features:
Gold-plated body, neck and keys (not lacquered brass)
Fully engraved: inside and outside of bell, bow, body and neck
Metal dome resonator pads. These pads are in excellent condition...no staining or wear.
Tempered blue steel springs
Rib and post construction
Contoured Low D# and Low C spatula keys
Instrument grade imported brass
Double arms on Low Bb, B, and C keys
Added adjustment arm bridging from F to F#
Professional assembly, testing, and setup

Gulf Alto Sax


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