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Steve Goodson
Tenor Saxophone

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $2,950
Here it is at $2,213 at ProWinds


I know it sounds too good to be true...
But this horn is in excellent, like new, shape.
It was briefly owned by a collector who has found it 'expedient to liquidate'.
His pain is your gain. I have just this one.

The lower stack wasn't sealing 100%, so I reworked the keys from G# on down.
One problem was that the adjustment screws in that back bar of the lower stack were so small that they just dug into the overthick cork. Additionally, they were too short to be of much use. I replaced all three of them with a larger-headed, longer screw and replaced the cork on top of the D, E and F key feet with a extra-dense felt to prevent keybounce.
Here's a picture.
That, and actually getting the pads to seal, made a huge difference (duh!) in the playability of this horn.
Now you can really hear what the bottom end is capable of. With the large Noyek resonators and some of the other enhancements that Goodson spec'd into this horn, it is quite something.

Aside from that, perhaps the only way to tell it has been pre-owned is that there is a cork riser on the Lefthand Thumbrest and a rubber riser on the Side Bb Key fingertouch. These are easily removable.
Also, Goodson's name appeared on the two extra bridge guards, but the owner blacked them out in flat black.
It was a bit too 'in your face' for him. Here is One bridge guard and here is the other

Everything else is factory stock.

And the list of features is immense...here it goes:

  • Altissimo Octave Key: Think of it as an “easy button” for the difficult range above high F#.
  • This key is conveniently located adjacent to the regular octave key.
  • Free Resonance Four-Point Bell-to-Body Brace: Allows the end of the bell to vibrate freely, increasing projection and resonance.
  • Threaded Neck and Rifled Octave Pips: Rifled octave pips improve response, eliminates the annoying “hiss” often heard in the upper octaves. More mass in the neck ring for top-end response and evenness of timbre throughout the saxophone. Threaded neck eliminates "motor boating" while increasing low end response.
  • Upper Stack Speaker Key: Corrects the intonation problems inherent with the notes A2 and above.
  • Double Arms on Bell Keys and Low C Key: The extra support eliminates leaks and gives a positive feel with no key flex.
  • F# Helper Bar: Reduces leakage on the lower stack and improves low note response.
  • Triple ring neckstrap attachment point.
  • High-Copper Content, Hand-Hammered Bell, Bow and Body Tube: Giving unmatched response and tonal complexity.
  • Greater resonance is achieved by increasing copper and decreasing zinc from the alloy.
  • Elaborate, Hand-Cut Engraving: The bell, bell flare, bow, body tube, and neck are all fully engraved. Engraving done before plated and lacquered which prevents future oxidation.
  • Gold-Plated Finish: This Steve Goodson Model tenor saxophone is finished in gold plate and then fully clear coated with an ultra-thin epoxy lacquer for durability and low maintenance.
  • Deluxe backpack-style case: - Easily transport your saxophone and free your hands. Plenty of room for accessories too.
  • Flat spring on G# lever arm:helps lift the G# key in case it wants to stick.
  • A to Bb Bis Adjustment Screw.
  • Ultra-comfortable Saxgourmet right-hand Thumbhook: Plated to match the instrument's finish.
  • Black Roo pads with Solid brass hand-fitted Noyak resonators made from the same brass as the body.

Check out this Goodson Alto I have for sale.

Steve Goodson Tenor Sax


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