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Steve Goodson
Baritone Saxophone

SOLD - Nov. 2008

This extremely beautiful, black nickel-plated, Low A baritone sax is loaded with features.
It is in 'like-new' condition...very few playing hours on it...
No dents, no scratches and just one 'playability' augmentation, a riser on the low A fingertouch.

I don't know why I am lucky enough to offer it at such a low price.

- Hand-engraved from stem to stern...neck, neck loop, body, bow, bell and inside bell rim.
- Three-ring strap hook
- Saxgourmet wide thumbhook
- Black kangaroo pads
- Noyek resonators
- Mother of pearl key touches
- Two bell braces
- Keyed from low A to high F#
- Double-armed keys
- Loads of adjustment screws
- Wheeled case with keys

One fella who played this horn said:
"I think the keywork on the Goodson knocks the stuffing out of the Yani."
I agree, the ergos are great...all three bellkeys swing close easily using just the thumb key.

And it has that Doubleplusgood Bellyfeel that you only get from a bari sax.

Here's a silver one on eBay at Buy It Now price of $3599.
WorldWideSax has a glowing writeup on Goodson saxes and lists the Bari at $6500.

Goodson Bari Sax


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