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Steve Goodson Alto Sax

Sold July 2009

This alto is in excellent condition.
- Excellent playing condition
- Excellent physical/mechanical condition
- Excellent cosmetic condition
Black kangaroo leather pads show little/no wear...sealing well, adjusted and regulated.

This horn has three custom 'risers' installed:
A Cork riser on the lefthand thumbrest.
A Rubber riser on the side Bb key fingertouch.
A Cork Riser on the low Bb fingertouch.
...any and all easily removable if they don't suit you.

And the list of features is immense...here it goes:

  • Keyed from low Bb to high F#
  • Altissimo Octave Key: Aids in attaining the range above high F#.
    This key is conveniently located adjacent to the regular octave key.
  • Free Resonance Four-Point Bell-to-Body Brace: Located relatively low on the bell, it allows the end of the bell to vibrate more freely, increasing projection and resonance.
  • Threaded Neck and Rifled Octave Pips:Rifled octave pips improve response, eliminates the annoying “hiss” often heard in the upper octaves. More mass in the neck ring for top-end response and evenness of timbre throughout the saxophone. Threaded neck eliminates "motor boating" while increasing low end response.
  • Upper Stack Speaker Key: Corrects the intonation problems inherent with the notes A2 and above, venting the 'stuffy' notes on the cusp of the registers in the upper stack.
  • Double Arms on Bell Keys and Low C Key: The extra support helps eliminate leaks and gives a positive feel with no key flex.
  • F# Helper Bar: Reduces leakage on the lower stack and improves low note response.
  • Triple ring neckstrap attachment point.
  • High-Copper Content, Hand-Hammered Bell, Bow and Body Tube: Giving unmatched response and tonal complexity.
  • Greater resonance is achieved by increasing copper and decreasing zinc from the alloy.
  • Elaborate, Hand-Cut Engraving: The bell, bell flare, bow, body tube, and neck are all fully engraved. Engraving done before plated and lacquered which prevents future oxidation.
  • Gold-Plated Finish: This Steve Goodson Model alto saxophone is finished in gold plate and then fully clear coated with an ultra-thin epoxy lacquer for durability and low maintenance.
  • Deluxe backpack-style case: - Easily transport your saxophone and free your hands. Plenty of room for accessories too.
  • Flat spring on G# lever arm: Helps lift the G# key in case it wants to stick.
  • A to Bb Bis Adjustment Screw.
  • Ultra-comfortable Saxgourmet right-hand Thumbhook: Plated to match the instrument's finish.
  • Black Roo pads with Solid brass hand-fitted Noyak resonators made from the same brass as the body.

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Steve Goodson Alto Sax


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