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Elkhorn Baritone Saxophone

Haven't seen a lot of info on Getzen saxophones, let alone Getzen bari saxes? Well, you're not alone.
First off, the engraving on the horn and the foil label in the case both specify "Distributed by Getzen".
After looking long and hard, we stumbled on "Made In Italy" engraved on the horn (see pix below).
In one web forum I found someone conjecturing that after WWII, the US was helping out Italy by having horns manufactured there. What do you think?
To my mind Getzen is better known for valve brass. I imagine they used instruments such as this to round out their band instrument line-up.

Notice the fingernail file G# which suggest that it is a Conn copy.
I am not an astute enough judge to discern other indicators. If you are, please let me know and I will add your comments to this page.

The horn is in good shape. The lower pads close with a satisfying 'plonk' noise like a stone dropped down a well.

Sorry, this horn has 'left the station'

Elkhorn Bari Sax - Dist'd by Getzen


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