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Gemeinhardt 3B LTD Flute

Serial Number 481410

Solid Silver "J1" Head
Open Hole
Gold-Plated Lip Plate
Low B Foot
In-line G
Premium yellow, double-skin pads


I neglected to photograph the "J1" engraved on the head, but it is there.
There are a couple little nicks in the lip-plate. Not by the hole or where your lip touches. Strictly cosmetic.
This is a used flute and there tiny fine scratches from normal use.

May not look like an open-hole flute at first glance. There are metal-topped cork plugs in this flute closing the holes. Simply pop the plugs out to open whichever holes desired. Don't lose the plugs...I don't have extras in stock!

I think this is similar to the one Dominic's has for sale, except his has engraving on the lip plate and plastic plugs instead the metal-topped corked plugs that mine has.

Gemeinhardt 3B LTD Flute


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