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Evette-Schaeffer Alto Sax
Made in France
Serial Number 14302; circa 1967

This horn was made by Malerne as evidenced by the: LH pinky table, low C spatula and "tulip" shape on the bell keys keyguard).
This makes it part of the "Buffet family" . Buffet was the top instrument for classical sax players in the 60s-70s (b/c Daniel Deffayet had been working with them).

This 30-year-old horn is in fine condition.
The finish is great condition.
Play action and adjustment is great.
Pads are really good.

SOLD - August '09

It plays like a dream. Come in and try it out. This exquisitely beautiful horn will last a lifetime...and probably handed down after you are gone.

A new Yamaha YAS-23 retails for $1759 on Musician's Friend website. They're great student horns, but eventually, any evolving student will start on the quest for a better tone. Why not start with an instrument that is capable of producing the uniquely French, dark, rich tone, that so many pros strive for?

And if you are a pro in search of the perfect tone/timbre...you owe it to yourself to try this horn.

Evette-Scheffer Alto


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