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"The Elkhart"
By Buescher
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 37557
Model Number 20A


This is a really nice alto sax.
You can see by the left-hand pinkie plateau and the bell key guard that it is a Buescher-built horn.
And it is marked under the serial number with the model number of "20A".
These horns sound great and play great. Although the Elkhart was Buescher's 'second-line' or student horn, it was like they couldn't restrain themselves from making them great-playing.
Buescher's Elkhart would be comparable to Conn's Pan-American or Martin's Indiana.
The engraving of an Elk within a heart is particularly nice on this original lacquer horn.

The pads aren't new on this horn, but they are sealing well and the key action is excellent.
And the tone is the thing. If you use a pro mouthpiece and a good reed with this horn, nobody'll be able to downgrade you on your sound. Reliability and playability will stand up to any Yamaha student horn, while the tone on this Elkhart can easily surpass it.

For local buyers I wouldn't hesitate to give you a 30-day parts and labor guarantee.
It comes with a very nice, contoured, hardshell SKB case. Lots of folks buy a vintage sax and then have to turn right around and spring for $50-100 for a case. There are some color blemishes on the exterior, but this puppy is 'good to go'.

You can see lacquer-wear on each side of the righthand thumbhook.
The lyre holder was removed from this horn.
The name of a prior owner ("Gloria Prichett") is lightly visible near the serial number.

"The Elkhart" Alto Sax


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