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Dörfler & Jörka


Dörfler & Jörka
--- or --
Doerfler & Joerka

De Villier
Rene Dumont (some)
H. Genet
King Tempos (some)
The National
Toneline Artist

"Made in Western Germany"
"Made in Germany"
Nauheim, Germany

The pictures below show some features of these D&J horns:
1 - Bellkeys
2 - Clothesguard
3 - Clothesguard
4 - Made in Germany
5 - Octave Fingertouch & Neck Receiver
6 - Neck Receiver
7 - Renee Dumont engraving
8 - Rolled Toneholes
9 - Senator engraving
10 - Senator engraving
11 - Senator engraving

Some photos from the Rene Dumont D&J alto I have for sale:
- Renee Dumont engraving
- Octave Fingertouch
- Left-Hand Pinkie

Dörfler and Jörka, ex-Keilwerth employees producing horns also in Nauheim, circa 1950-1968?
There are several stencil lines whose keywork and hardware are indentical to that used by Keilwerth over various production periods, but which may have been made by D and J.
These horns play very similarly to Keilwerths of the same period, with a very similar voice.
The major evident difference between the horn that seem to be by D and J is in the taper of the neck, and its acoustical dimensions; despite a much smaller neckpipe opening, for e.g., the [putatively] D and J horns play with a very Keilwerth resonance & "smoky," tangy character.

Keilwerth/H. Couf - SOTW

Compare "Dörfler & Jörka" to J. Keilwerth.

Dorfler and Jurka


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