Doctor Sax

Repair Price Guidelines

Please note that these are guidelines only.

Basic Categories of Repair:

"Play Condition" entails doing what is necessary to get the horn to play top to bottom. There may still be a few leaks, lost motion etc.

"Repad/Adjust" includes leveling toneholes & keypans, keyfitting (swedging), etc.

"Overhaul" would include some dentwork, resoldering, silverplate polishing. Older instruments may have frozen screws, bent keys, bent body and a variety of other time-consuming problems which would entail a full overhaul price.

Additional Fees:

– Kangaroo pads are $50 extra for sax repad

– Custom fitting oversized resonators is $37.50 additional

– Additional fees may apply to LeBlanc Rationales, Semi-rationales, Holton Wiedoefts, and Conn 28M's

– Expedited repairs and repairs while you wait may cost extra

I ask for 50% payment upfront for Repads and Overhauls

My hourly rate is, optimistically, $50/hour

Sax Repad/Refurb/Overhaul

Package Services”


Repad and recork the following 7 keys:

Palm Keys (D, Eb, F): Hi E; G#; Low Eb; Low C

These keys are most exposed to moisture and most prone to needing replacement



Same as the above, plus 3 or 4 additional keys, typically:

Side F#; Side C; Side Bb: Bb bis



Hot Rod the low end of your horn with new pads, oversized resos and larger key height openings... as intonation permits. This could include lower stack keys, and everything below: D#, C, C#, B and/or Bb.

MusicMedic Precision pads $99

Roo pads $129

Roo Pads w/ oversized Resos $149


Improve the intonation and dynamics of your horn. This may entail adjusting the key height openings, installing pads with resonators.

The object is to make your horn play in tune and to make the dynamics even across the range of the horn instead of some notes being stuffy.

This can be real time consuming, making small adjustments and then testplaying your horn, over and over and over and over.

Does not include using crescents to remedy intonation problems due to a poorly engineered horn.


All services offered as opportunity exists.