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Antoine Courtois Alto Saxophone

This is a beautiful horn that is perhaps one of a kind.
The Moth and Flower engraving is unique.
This sax has a lot of appeal for both the player and the collector.

Not for Sale

While I am comfortable saying it is French-made, it has features from a variety of French manufacturers.
This horn may be 50% Beaugnier in lineage. But left-hand plateau key touch configuration is different.
And the octave mechanism looks different, perhaps more like an SML?
And it has a G# trill key.

The owner says:
"I believe it is a Beaugnier/Leblanc made horn.  The serial # is 6511 and is stamped Made in France under the number.  I was told it was a 1940's vintage, but it may be from the 50's. It has right hand bell keys, but has a G# trill key.  The left hand table well laid out and works very well for an older horn. 
It has a very sweet sound. 

I'm guessing that Courtois requested the stencil to complement their valve brass line."
Very nice engraving of a moth and flower. While this sax has likely been relacquered, they did a really nice job.
The relacquer is most evident at the Antoine Courtois name stamp. It is possible that this is the only place it was relacquered...it is hard to tell.

The horn is well-adjusted and regulated by 'JunkDude'. The pads are in very good condition.
It comes with the original case as well as a professional Hiscox flight case.

Antoine Courtois Alto Sax


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