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Conn Director Bb Clarinet

Grenadilla Wood
Conn 'Set Screws'
All new pads and corks
Keys polished, wood cleaned and oiled.

Serial Number 915979V
When I looked this up I came up with 1961.

I want to compare bore measurements with the 424N I sold a little while ago.
A fellow did have his 444N in the shop the other day and I held it up against this Director and at first blush the outside diameters seemed the same.
Any of my clients, or potential clients I suppose, are invited to come in and beta test this horn.
My attempts brought to surface a leaking pad which I fixed.
And then the B-F# key sounded a little stuffy, so I increased the key height opening.
Now it is up to a real clarinet-player to check it out.

You can own this fine wooden clarinet for $333.00

An extremely well-crafted clarinet. You can tell by the way the holes are cut and the keys are finished and fit.
It has those teeny-tiny Conn 'set screws' that lock the pivot screws in place.
All the wood is top-notch, clear seasoned Grenadilla wood. The wood used for the bell is especially nice. If the light is just right and you look at the inside of the bell, it almost looks like some sort of glassy plastic...I tried to capture this in the photos.

Case is in very nice shape...has a distinct 60's vintage look. Has a lock-hinge to hold it open and a section for sheet music.

Conn Director Clarinet


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