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Conn 16M Tenor Sax

S/N 5391** (1955).....Doctor Sax Stock #1010

This sax was called the "Director" by Conn. Made in the USA

SOLD - For an aspiring local student!

The pictures are below.

This sax is bare brass, just a tiny bit of lacquer remaining. One nice thing about bare brass horns is that you CAN polish them. If you try polishing a lacquered brass horn, you just end up damaging the lacquer. I hand polished this brass while I had the keys off. It has already started darkening and taking on that much-vaunted 'patina'.

The pads have flat metal resonators, about half the pads are new.

All new cork and felts. Regulated and adjusted, ready to play.

I had to replace all the Conn 'set' screws. This are about the tiniest screws imaginable...they screw in to hold in place the screws upon which the keys pivot. Maybe there is a clearer way of stating that.

The keys are nickel-plated brass.

I had to add a post to limit the travel of the #14 Side E# key...it was opening too high. I could see no signs of there ever being a post there, but there is now and it is better for it. I added this after I took the pictures. If you are dying to see it I can take a picture and send it or post it on this web page.

There have been dents removed from this horn over the years, you can see some rippling in the brass. Click on the thumbnail photos to see high-resolution photos.

The engraving is very plain and understated. It says "C.G. CONN LTD. USA" There is no decorative engraving, no floral thingies or curleyques (sp?) or anything.

The serial number is six digits, 5391**. That puts it in 1955, near the beginning of the 16M production run.


Conn 16M Tenor Sax
The Director - 1955


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