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Concord Artist
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number - 169 3129


The sax is stamped "Made in Holland".
My understanding is that the body tube, which has rolled toneholes, was made by Keilwerth, while the keywork and assembly was done by Schenkelaars of Holland.

The lefthand pinkie key plateau has a distinct Conn 10M look to it.

If you do "due diligence" and research it, you'll see these horns don't have much of a reputation. But this particular one is a great-playing horn.
Whether you play it acoustically...that is to say, normally...or hook it up to effects box and amp, I think you will be pleased.

If you are already using electronic effects, but via a normal acoustic microphone, it would be very informative to hear and feel the difference that the neck pickup makes.

For as you see, this horn has a pick-up port in the neck.
It comes complete with an "RB" pickup, which has an in-line volume control.
I remember reading the the "B" in "RB" stood for Brilhart, but that it had nothing to do with the mouthpiece maker, Arnold Brilhart, unless it happened to be a relative of his. Unfortunately I cannot now find the reference...it might have been a print advertisement.

Wait...I found the advertisment for the RB pickup. "RB" stands for Robert Bilhart, Arnold Brilhart's son.
This LINK has a video of an interview of Robert. He mentions the RB pickup..

Also comes with a plug to close the pickup port if desired.
I ran the pickup to a PA and it works...amplifying the sax.

This opens the door to experimenting the world of electronic effects and amplification.
I am looking for a "Varitone", "Octavoice" or other effects box to pair with this horn, but it would be tons of fun to try any of the thousands of guitar effects units out there.

Okay...I've gotten two Conn Multi-Vider effects boxes:
This one just happens to be serial number #0001
And this other one is a later model in pristine shape.
Yeah...no prices. If you are interested you'll have to contact me. I am a little too attached to them to think about putting a dollar amount on them just now.

Below are a couple of short snippets of the Concord Artist tenor sax being played with a Conn Multi-Vider attached and playing through a small amp/speaker.
We used the Multi-vider to mix in some lower octave sound.
And just a note, the recording setup was very improvised. I held the microphone in my left hand while I ran the recording software with my right.
The sax player stood farther away than the speaker to 'balance' the mix of acoustic with the sound coming out of the speaker.



A big tip of the hat to Patrick Breiner who is playing the sax.

Did I happen to mention...
More than half the pads on this horn are new...it plays really well.

The case is worse for wear and would have to be replaced if you planned on carrying the sax in it regularly.

Maybe you can sound like Eddie Harris!

Concord Artist Tenor Sax


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