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Cleveland Alto Sax

Made by H.N. White, famous for their 'King' instruments.

Serial number C1415xx
Manufactured 1960-65


All new pads and corks.
Brazed-in toneholes. Note for you sax geeks...the Martin toneholes were soft-soldered in whereas these were silver-solder or brazed in. This indicates that both the bell and body were made in the USA, not outsourced to Japan.
Locknuts on pivot screws.

I've heard the engraving described as an upside-down acorn. I cannot argue with that.
Compare it to its cousin, the 613 Alto, the so-called Clown Face.

The main difference is that the 613 does not have the brazed-in toneholes.

And for you technical types, I've put a photo of the octave mechanism up at the end of the photos.
It is a pretty unique mechanism.

Cleveland Alto Sax


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