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King (H.N. White) Cleveland
615 Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 510456

April 2, 2009 - SOLD!

Here is a solid, good-looking tenor...ready for duty.

Maybe I was alone in this, but for many a long year I did not realize that these King horns had brazed-in tonehole chimneys.
The majority of horns have drawn toneholes.
And the Martins had soldered-in (soft solder) bevel-topped tonehole chimneys.
But these King horns, like this "Cleveland 615" tenor, have brazed-in toneholes that give these horns a big, solid, centered tone.

This horn is an eager player and would be a welcome relief for someone using a school or rental horn.

At this price, you can buy a horn for what it costs to rent one for a year.

This sax comes with the original (I assume) case. While it is serviceable, it probably wouldn't last long as a daily carrier....better to get a replacement case if it is going to be transported a lot.

Cleveland 615 Tenor Sax


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