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Carl Fischer Alto Sax

S/N 195xx (Doctor Sax stock #1044)

The pictures are below

French-made Stencil? I am trying to figure out if this sax was made by SML or Buffet or ??? Any help out there?
The keyguard feet and keyguards look Buffet to me.

Very nice playing...think twice before spending the money to buy a Taiwan-built horn.

Regulated and adjusted...ready to play.

Neck is in good shape...no dents, not pulled down or bent out of shape.

Signs of solder work on keyguard feet and bow. All looks solid.

Rivet pads in good shape, just a couple replaced. Lots of new corks and felts to regulate and adjust the movement.

Someone wrote the following to me:
"Your Fischer is a Malerne, most likely. IF it says France someplace on it. Buffet sometimes had these as Evettes long ago, also lots of others, Malerne is a very good horn maker (was) their better efforts are as good sounding and playing as a Beaugnier, but the quality of materials, in weight and attention, was not as good, but can be very good players.
IF it is not a Malerne, later Evette made their horns in Italy as a copy of Malerne's, just a little different keywork sometimes. But, yours has the Malerne keywork, so i would guess it is a Malerne stencil. cannot be sure unless i see it, even then who knows. just my opinion."


  Tell me again why you are renting an instrument?

SOLD - Jan. '08

Carl Fischer Alto Sax


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