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BundyII Alto Sax

Serial Number 817884

SOLD - Aug. '08 (Back to School)

Sold to a local parent who sent a nice note saying how much his son enjoys the sound of this sax.

Not sure when it was made, you can try searching for a serial number list to correlate the serial number to date if you want.
And as looking as I am talking about what I don't know...I also don't know the difference between a Bundy and a Bundy II.

I've replaced maybe a half dozen pads on this horn. This horn was also missing a fair number of bumper felts and keyguard screws...which I have now replaced.

I've straightened out a few small dents, but the horn is straight and mechanically sound.
The is the usual play wear...mostly some scratches here and there. But it is a good looking horn...nothing the student would be ashamed to pull out of the case.
Maybe compare it to this Kenosha Vito. The Vito has tons more cosmetic wear. If it was my kid, I would start them with the Vito...with all new pads and a French heritage. The Bundy is an attractive horn, whereas the Vito has more 'Street Cred'.

This Bundy will be a good sax for a beginning student. Expressly made by the Selmer Company for the tyro.

Comes with a good case. It is missing one piece of plush lining in the little accessory compartment. I tried to capture that in the last picture, but it is out-of-focus and I am too lazy to take another picture.

Bundy Alto Sax


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