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Bundy Tenor Sax

Serial Number 565635


This original finish Bundy tenor sax is one of the most singular-looking horns made.
Originally outfitted with "Adjusta-Pads", this sax fully repadded with new leather pads having flat metal resonators, corks and felts. It is ready and rarin' to play.

Below are some mp3 sound bites of the Bundy playing. I recently upgraded from an AKG microphone to a Shure SM57 in the attempt to more accurately convey how the horn sounds. I am thinking I might try a pre-amp.

Can't Get Started

Round Midnight


The octave key saddle had been dented into the neck. There had been work done on with resultant lacquer loss.
There are also some dents and ripples in the bow. The body and bell however are very straight and attractive.

Nov. 14, 2008 - Added snapshots of the case. Assumedly the original Bundy case. Solid, good hardware. White smudge you can barely see on the first case photo.

Bundy Tenor Sax


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