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Bundy Alto Sax

Serial Number 440806

SOLD ($350)

This is a great-playing student alto.
Lessee...I put on a new neck cork, I straightened a bent-down bell rim, I regulated and adjusted the stacks, recorked one of the palm keys and probably some other stuff I forgot already.

There's a few small dents here and there, some scratches on the back, not far from the RH thumbhook.
Lots of pictures...take a look.

Comes with a very nice, newer case...solid, in good shape.
A decent case can cost $50-$100.

When I test-played this I struck by how easily it played. A pro player can conceivably "play through" a sax with problems, but that is too much to ask from a novice or someone just getting their bearings. so, c'mon, 'Cut the Kid a Break!'

Bundy Alto Sax


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