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Bundy Alto Saxophone

Here's a very nice Selmer USA Bundy alto sax that will see the aspiring musician through high school.

This Bundy has the cluster of righthand pinkie keys reminiscent of the Buescher horns. The bellkeys play smoothly and easily.
Serial Number 6932xx

This is a used instrument with all new pads and corks. A repad job alone can cost $350 or more.

There is some residual corrosion around the Low D# and scratches below the thumbhook, near the serial number (see pictures).

It comes with a hard plastic shell case and neck plug.
This instrument is ready to play.

Sorry - This horn was sold June 2007
and is on its way to the Pacific Northwest

If you want this shipped to you, it will cost around $30.

Selmer USA Bundy Alto Sax


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