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Buescher Aristocrat
Tenor Sax

Serial Number 288772 - 1939

SOLD - Oct. 2009

For sale is a beautiful example of a Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor, Serial No. 288772, which dates it to the 1939 era.

This horn was the last of the Bueschers with the both Art Deco engraving and ornate bell keyguards.
It has vintage amber lacquer, mellowed to honey-gold. There is some lacquer wear and spot lacquer touch-ups.

The instrument has some minor ripples in the bow, but the bow geometry is great. The bow bottom brace is dent-free.
There was some wear to the neckstrap hook which was filled in.
The pads are in very good condition.

It has the original gold Norton springs, caramel-colored rollers, G# trill key, and a solid Ebony end plug with an inlaid stone.
The horn comes with an excellent Selmer case into which the sax fits snugly.
The pads use the original Buescher Snap-On resonators.

The Aristocrat has a parabolic bore, similar to Adolphe Sax instruments. Because of this, it is often thought of as a "Classical Pro" horn, but many have been used by jazz pros too.
It is "mouthpiece friendly", allowing you to achieve the type of sound you're looking for.
This horn has outstanding intonation, including altissimo.
The tone is complex and warm, with a big, powerful, easily accessible low end, and all the volume you could ask for.

This model Aristocrat is one of the highest quality Vintage Tenors ever produced in this country, and an example in this condition is sure to appreciate in value.

Since this is a consignment horn, I must sell it no refund/no returns.
I HAVE provided an large number of hi-res pictures so that you can see what you are getting.
If you are serious about buying this horn, please take the time to look at the pictures.

My preference is to receive payment from a verified PayPal account and ship to a verified PayPal address.

Aristocrat Tenor Sax


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