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Buescher Baritone Sax

Serial number - 268336 (1934)


This is a great Bari Sax with a huge, dark vintage sound.

The owner of this horn having found himself between a financial rock and a monetary hard place...with student loans, etc. coming due...has asked me to help him find a new home for his bari.
He really loves this bari...he describes the horn's tone as "big, buttery, and very warm", but he plays more tenor sax and clarinet, so the bari is the one that's got to go.

Now, there are lots of different Buescher horn models, so it can get quite confusing.
Essentially this is a New Aristocrat/Aristocrat Model, serial 268,336
Buescher used the previous model True-Tone body (with the famous Adolph Sax "parabolic" bore) and just renamed the line of horns.
The New Aristocrat and Aristocrat Series I horns differed in:
- the color of rollers
- the logo on the left hand G# touch and
- the split bell keys vs left-side bell keys.

The Buescher Aristocrat baris were manufactured with split bell keys through the Series I horns, which were after the Aristocrat Series.
That's why this horn has the split bell keys and black rollers of the New Aristocrat, but has the engraving of the Series I.
For instance, you can see this horn has:
- The nice G# with the roller and
- The F#-G# articulation arm with the cunning little pivots.

This horn has the original neck and original lacquer.
Keyed from Low Bb to High F
This horn was repadded by "Junk Dude" Photographs from when the horn was for sale at JunkDude are featured on SaxPics here. This horn has had maybe 30 hours of playing time since purchased from JunkDude Vintage Saxes in late spring of 2007.
It was repadded at JunkDude with the correct metal-backed kidskin Buescher Snap-In pads, using the original Snap-In resonators.
It also has Norton screw-in goldplated springs.

This 74-year-old horn has its share of bumps and blemishes which I've tried to show in the multitude of pictures.
Perhaps the neck loop most notably has its fair share of dings and such.
There is lots of scratches and play wear

The owner scrapped the beat-up case that gave the horn no protection. And bought a very nice Protec Contoured Baritone Sax PRO PAC case, into which the horn fits snugly and securely.
These retail for $190 on wwbw.com before shipping.

Since the pictures were taken, the owner had me add a guide for the lower half of the side Bb key. It is a long key and there was some side-to-side flex in it which is why he had me do the work. Pictures provided on request.

Since this is a consignment horn, it is sold no returns, no refunds.
If you are a local player, you are welcome to come test-play it.

You can pay by check or money order and wait for it to clear.
Cash is acceptable.
Or you can pay via PayPal for which there is a 3% fee on the total amount of funds transferred.

Buescher Bari Sax


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