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Berkeley Flute

SOLD - Sept. '09

This is a great beginner's flute.
Clean and ready to play.
The only problems that I found are with the case.
When the case is closed and latched, there is a gap ...it doesn't close snugly as seen. I would be worried that if it were dropped, it would spring open.
Also, when putting the foot section in the case, one of the keys was jammed up hard against an interior divider in order to get it to fit. I cut away some of the divider to make it fit better, but I don't have the matching cloth to cover where I made the cut.

But, some months ago, a guy came in to sell me a flute. The flute was too badly damaged to be worthwhile, but the case was rather nice...two-tone white and tan. The final three pictures show the case. The last picture shows the Berkeley flute in the case. It looks happy there.

The case is $25. So, if you want the Berkeley flute and the vintage case, it is a total of $95.

Berkeley Flute


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