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Berg Larsen
Tenor Mouthpiece
95 - 1 - SMS

These are $180 new at saxplus.com

Stainless Steel
95 = .095 inch tip opening... "Medium Open"
SMS = "French" (Short) Facing
1 = Tone Chamber or baffle. ("0" = "Brilliant"; "1" = "Bright", etc.)
Here's the Berg Larsen website.

This is a used mouthpiece.
It comes with original ligature and cap.
This is unaltered from the factory, original mill marks, etc.
Very light scratches and wear to the bite plate.

A player took this home to testplay on his Buescher TH&C, but couldn't pull it out far enough to play in tune.
He had some weld on a 5/8" long extension.
The final 6 pictures are after the extension.
I drew in an arrow in a couple of the pix to show where the seam is.
And just for reference it is 0.85 OD and 0.7 ID.

Oh yeah, he ended up buying it.

Berg Larsen 95-1-SMS Tenor Mpce.


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