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Beaugnier Alto Sax

Serial number 325

Extremely rare Beaugnier ARTIST alto. It has unique features not seen on other Beaugnier/Leblanc saxophone:
- Rolled tone holes
- Diddle Eb trill key, High Eb trill key, G# trill key
- Patented thumb rest which is a very fast and very reliable patented idea not found on any other saxophone...the thumbrest serves as well as octave key
- Large mother of pearl inlays
- Completely handmade
- Art deco engraving and overall art deco design
- Heavy, thick silver-plate, both matte and shiny; gold-plated bell interior

Intonation is spot on and it has a very warm, responsive open sound with excellent flexibillity, very mouthpiece friendly; In general the keyaction is very fast and fun to use, comes with a neck of the Leblanc museum.
The neck looks like a singular piece too, as I have never seen an underslung neck like this from Leblanc.
The neck was customized for this horn; it consists partly of laquered nickle-silver. By all means a prototype of Leblanc.

beaugnier Artist Alto Sax


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