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Conn-Made Curved Soprano Sax

Beaufort American - Stencil

S/N P249xx (Doctor Sax stock #1046)

Lots of pictures, check 'em out below

Silver-plated! Sax Gourmet Black Leather Pads!

A while ago I repadded a nice old silver-plated Martin alto with white leather pads...not sure what lead me to change, but there was no hesitation in fixing up this silver-tongued devil with black leather.
These high quality Sax Gourmet pads have an excellent reputation for not sticking.
The serial number on this Conn-made sax follows the 'Pan-American' numbering sequence.

I think this is very similar to the Conn New Wonder. Straight tone holes. No cross-hatching on G# keytouch.

I assume it has the same tonehole placement and body as the Conn horns.
This horn has no dents...it was very well taken care of.
Made in 1926 this 80-year-old horn had one owner for 65 of those 80 years.

One foot of the low C keyguard has been resoldered.

The silver-plate has a matte finish which is very nice...doesn't show fingerprints like shiny silver-plate.

All new SaxGourmet black leather pads with rivets. New black felts and new corks.

Comes with case which I assume to be original.
The case is lined with brown corduroy...I assume this replaced the original lining.
Latches latch securely. Case hinges and feet in good shape. Handle has some wear, but is secure.

  Sold - Summer of 2007 - To a fellow from Singapore


Wisconsin residents must also add tax (But then you could consider picking it up in person and avoid shipping)

Conn (Beaufort) Soprano Sax


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