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Antigua Winds
Soprano Sax


The "common knowledge" is that the Antigua Sopranos are 99.9% as good as Yani's, which supposedly are the best.
Also their build quality is good. They're computer-aided copies of Yani's.
Fully ribbed post construction, straight and curved interchangeable neckpipes, tilting spatula keys, keyed to High F#.
It also has a double action C key at the top of the stack to improve intonation.

To fully appreciate the quality and performance of this sax, check out Sax On The Web and the well-deserved praise that it receives.

Beautiful-looking horn. The pads are like new. Only a few tiny marks in the Lacquer.
It sounds great - a big, edgy tone, much louder than I expected.
The included mouthpiece is a Runyon Custom 6, no spoiler. This is a $50 mouthpiece.
The intonation on the soprano is great. With the Runyon pushed in about 3/4's of the way onto the neck cork, the soprano played really well.

May 1, 2008 - I'm going to move this out to eBay in the next few days. So speak up now or .... not.

Antigua Winds Soprano Sax


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