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No mention of "F.E. Olds."
Just "Ambassador USA"
4-Digit serial number "1465"
Neck tenon marked with same serial number.

90% bare brass or more. I really like the look of the shiny nickel keys against the bare brass.

Despite the engraved "USA"...it looks like it is European made to me.

Took a blunt force trauma to the low C#. You can see the bottom post has been resoldered, not pretty, but solid enough for me to leave it alone.
Also the low C# keyarm has been repaired...it was broken near the keypan.

This sax has a monster bottom end.
Intonation is good.
Freshly repadded with Ferree's rivet pads. New corks and felts.
Nice adjustable bumper felts.
The pictures show the sax with the old neck cork. I have recorked the neck since the pictures were taken.

Comes with a rather nice vintage case (I forgot to take pictures) with "Bulls Head" trademark. Probably worth more than $50 by itself.

Ambassador USA


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