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French, Beaugnier-made
Noblet "Serie Maville" Alto Sax

S/N 8747 (stock #1002)

  Made in the Beaugnier Atelier in Mantes, France
I don't really know...maybe it is more of an "usine" rather than an "atelier". Whatever.

You can own this French-made sax for $449!

The pictures are below

I kind of picture Maville as some funky street off Montmartre or Place Clichy. I really have no idea.

The Serie Maville has a G# articulation selector. The selector here slides back or forth under the G# keytouch, but it does not have the 'nail file' lever and consequently cannot be engaged or disengaged on the fly. You'd have to use a screwdriver to do that, but it is engineered to be changeable.
The linkage between the G# keytouch and the actual G# key (with the pad) is very nicely executed

It is a fairly light, almost delicate horn. Much different from the American Martins, Bueschers, etc. The key action is fast and light...not cheaply made...just different. It would be worth a try if you have smaller hands.

Has a lighter, lyrical sound, though the low end speaks well too. Plays in tune well. Might be a good bet for you Paul Desmond wannabe's...
The lyre (sheet music holder) post has been unsoldered/removed. Are you going use this in marching band?
I replaced, I donít know, 6 or 8 pads. I used Feree's rivet pads to match the existing pads.
All new corks and felts.
I pushed out the worst dents, but some dents are still there



Picture one


Picture two

Picture three - Like I said, a large part of this is simple playwear.

Picture four - Another view of engraving.

Picture five - Neck and bell.

Picture six - Bell and neck.

Picture seven - Neck and upper part.

Picture eight - Don't tell me you will be marching and need a lyre post.

Picture nine - Octave mechanism...can you make it out? Teeter-totter pivot type.

Picture ten - The bellkeys.

Picture eleven - the bow.

Picture twelve - the bow from the front.

Picture thirteen - Case closed.

Picture fourteen - case opened.

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