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Albert Clarinet


All new pads and corks!

Composite body.
I am guessing the body, barrel and mouthpiece are hard rubber, whereas the bell may be celluloid?
Why do I think that? When I look close at the bell, I can see tiny chips of something in the composition.
I assume they are tiny chips of, well, sawdust or something. Maybe to make the bell more resonant, more woodlike?
Just guessing. Each manufacturer had their own special composition.

Albert System clarinets are said to have a unique sound, well-suited to play jazz or other traditional music like Klezmer or Greek music. Obviously, you can play the same music with a Boehm System clarinet, but if you are looking for a specific sound you might choose to play an Albert System clarinet.
Why? Well, there are a couple basic differences:
The Albert System makes easier to bend notes, to make glissandos as a trombone slide does.
And the Albert System has a very woody sound on the low register and a "funky" sound on the high register.

Here's some information about Albert System clarinets:

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Albert Clarinet


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