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From Selmer Bundy Tenor serial number 565635.

Selmer Bundys are decent horns. Perhaps the most remarkable in appearance are the ones with the gold metal flake finish.
They remind me of the Selmer Reference 54 with the brushed brass, antique matte lacquered finish.

While prepping the Bundy up for a repad, I thought I would document the original "Adjusta-Pads" the Bundy was equipped with. These pads have no leather, they are rubber or some variant. The rubber gasket has a metal disk underneath it and the rubber gasket and metal disk is mounted on a rubber 'post' which is glued into the key pan.
The pad is 'self-leveling' in that the rubber post that holds the gasket and disk allows them to pivot to match the tonehole.

If someone wants to tell me the year of this serial number, that'd be great
I did a quick Google search and came up with nothing.
Likewise, I struck out on Sax On The Web.

Oct. 2009 - Thanks to the alert reader who directed me to Lars Kirsmer's website. It places this horn to 1970-75.

On the back of the G# fingertouch, there was a small label with the patent number. The patent number, 35019, seems to be too few digits, doesn't it?

I've never played a horn with these pads. I assume they were looking for a combination of cost-saving and reliability.



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