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Acme Artist (Malerne)
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 8564


This Acme Artist alto is made by Malerne. You can check Saxpics.
There are "Acmes" and there are "Artists" not sure if they have an "Acme Artist" listed.
This Malerne Linton looks identical, except for the engraving.
And here is an Malerne Acme.
That means it is made in France even though it does not have a "Made In France" stamp on it.
Malerne was one of the better equipped French shops - located in the same town as Selmer and others. It was later bought by SML

All new pads (flat metal resonators), corks and felts.

The decorative pearls on the keyguard have been replaced with African Green Jade.
As a consequence I used green felts on the horn. Gives it a very nice look.

A fair amount of lacquer wear and scratches. Not many dents at all.
The nickel-plating on the keys shows some wear-through to the brass underneath.

The look of this horn is understated compared to its sound. It has excellent tone, rich and solid, with fast key action.

It comes with a nice vintage case (original?) and neck plug.

Acme Artist Alto


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