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About the Doctor

The Good Doctor -
Alter Ego

Hi, my name is Kim Slava.

Why Doctor Sax?  Long ago and far away, my son was trying to come up with a log in name for something...Hotmail maybe.  Every login name he came up with had already been taken.  Finally I suggested Doctor Detroit.  Dan Akroyd fans out there will remember the movie by that name.

Time went by and I had occasion to come up with a login name and I came up with Doctor Sax...more in tribute to Jack Kerouac than with any thought to horn repair.   Much later as I trained in woodwind repair, the name Doctor Sax took on added meaning and after asking friends and family what they thought, I finally decided to name the business Doctor Sax.  I think I still occasionally get e-mail I send deleted unread by people who mistake the "a" in "sax" as an "e", but other than that it has worked out pretty well for me.

When I started working up advertising material I succumbed to use a picture of my grandfather. He's the dapper gent in the hat. He was neither a doctor nor a instrument repairman, but he was reputedly descended from the Hapsburg throne. I reckon him to be one cool dude.

The Scarier looking fellow is Alfred Crabtree. I knew a fellow who ran the Seattle Times garage whose last name was Crabtree. I always liked the name for some reason. Alfred speaks more to Batman's butler. Combined, they were quintessentially .... something, something evocative. Not much more to that story.

Contact Info:

2100 Winnebago St., #105

(Anderson-Thomas Building)

Madison, WI 53704

Set back from the street, almost behind Ford's Gym.

608-279-9744 - Please call to make sure I am there and you don't waste a trip..

E-mail: Kim@DoctorSax.biz

Alfred Crabtree

This is a book cover from one edition of Kerouac's book.

This is a sorry-looking piece of cake.
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