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Yamaha YTS-21 Tenor Saxophone

SOLD - 2009

A lot of players prefer these 'red-label' Yamahas.
While I might call it a maroon-label, I'd have to agree...this is a good-playing saxophone.
It plays easily and well, with a good tone.
It is easy to tell that this sax has been played a lot. There are a good number of scratches and small dents.
You can see where one owner scratched their name onto the sax.
Fortunately it was done on the back, down by the serial number, so it is not bad.

This would be a great horn to buy if you didn't want to throw away your money renting a horn. It would also do duty as a back-up horn if you are trying to play for a living.

If you buy it now through the end of September 2009, I will throw in this excellent Meyer Tenor Mouthpiece if it hasn't been sold by the time you inquire. The mouthpiece is up for sale seperately, so you'd better hurry so you won't miss out.

Yamaha YTS-21 Tenor Sax


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