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Selmer Super Session
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece "E" facing

My Chart shows a Selmer Alto "E" facing to be .078 inches.

SOLD - July 2009

These go for $180 at 1Stop Clarinet

Great condition. If used, it has been used very little.
Tip and rails look great. Plays great.

At one source I found that the D tip opening is .075"
But I found this information at http://www.sax.co.uk/selmer%20mpcs.htm:

"If you do a straight metric to imperial conversion it appears that Selmer do a range that goes from extremely close to medium with no open models. This is rather misleading and Geoff Lawton (an internationally renowned expert) uses the following comparisons:

Alto Sax
Selmer C = 4/5 =70
Selmer C* = 5* =75
Selmer C** = 6 = 80
Selmer D = 6* = 85
Selmer E = 7 = 90
Selmer F = 8 = 100

Selmer Super Session Alto "E"


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