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Selmer "Super Session"
Alto Sax "D" Mouthpiece


At one source I found that the D tip opening is .075"
But I found this information at http://www.sax.co.uk/selmer%20mpcs.htm:

"If you do a straight metric to imperial conversion it appears that Selmer do a range that goes from extremely close to medium with no open models. This is rather misleading and Geoff Lawton (an internationally renowned expert) uses the following comparisons:

Alto Sax
Selmer C = 4/5 =70
Selmer C* = 5* =75
Selmer C** = 6 = 80
Selmer D = 6* = 85
Selmer E = 7 = 90
Selmer F = 8 = 100

The tip and rails of this mouthpiece are in excellent condition.
No bitemarks on the beak.

This mouthpiece HAS been worked on.
Table flattened, rails with matching curves, nicely shaped tip.
And a little material taken from the interior sidewalls.
There is some wear to the Selmer stamp on the back.

This Super Session has a subtle rollover right behind the tip and a very modest baffle.
It has a nice, full range...not bright nor dark and stuffy.

Woodwind and Brasswind has them at $234.
1Stop Clarinet has them at $180.

I think this one is better than new.

Super Session Alto "D"


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