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Selmer "Artys"
Key of A


This clarinet is in excellent shape...it's had very little playtime.
The wood is in great condition...no cracks, splits or chips.
The tenons are strong and unworn.
The silverplated keywork is bright and clean...moves freely and snappily.
It comes with two barrels: 65 mm and 66 mm

Selmer's sales verbiage:
Today, the Selmer Paris clarinet range is an artistically open offer. In the very heart of this variety, "Artys", expression of the Selmer maturity and modernity, sets the tone. The Bb and A "Artys" clarinets assert themselves as high quality, all-purpose instruments, covering a wide range of playing options. The profound personality of this model is built up from an amazing playability and a deep, resonant tone. The overall sound and tuning qualities are particularly homogeneous through all the registers and shades ; a great flexibility and a remarkable control complete the global acoustic performances

Bore diameter : 14.55mm / 0.573 inch.Pitch : 442
Delivered with two barrels : 66 mm & 65 mm
System : Standard Boehm N1 (17 Keys, 6 Rings)
Barrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla wood
Keywork : Silver-plated Nickel Silver
Adjustable thumbrest, Quality Pads
Metal middle tenon socket
Blue steel springs
Case : "Light" series. Paris

Selmer Artys "A" Clarinet


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