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Selmer 9 Star
Bb Clarinet


The Selmer Series 9 clarinets preceded this Selmer 9-Star.
And the Series 9 (1960's) clarinets replaced the "Centered Tone" model.
Up through the Series 9, the Selmer philosophy was to use a large diameter tone hole with no undercutting (straight sided tone holes; and an almost purely cylindrical bore. The larger tone holes do produce a more robust tone, but the twelfths are "short" and tend to be very sharp in the fundamental when playing pianissimo.

The 9* was Selmer's response and was a move toward reducing tone hole diameters in some areas and introducing undercutting. Undercut tone holes, offer a more flexible tone (perhaps a bit more free blowing).

This clarinet is in great playing condition.
The wood is free of chips, splits or cracks.

Selmer 9 Star Clarinet


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