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Sax Necks

Here is a lovely vintage, pristine, early Selmer Mark VI alto neck.

I have in some inexpensive tenor sax necks patterned after Selmer Mark VII necks (shown below) which are made in China.

I have Yamaha Tenor (YTS-23) and YAS-23 (alto) replacement necks in stock.

And also Jupiter Alto neck

Here's a seperate page for the Aquilasax C-Melody Neck.

Selme Paris Mark VII Tenor sax neck.

And below are some other necks I have kicking around.

Vito Tenor (s/n 174xx) - France

I have a Bundy Tenor neck.

I also have a Bundy Baritone Sax neck.

H.N. White - King - Cleveland - 613 - Alto Sax neck

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax 991/981. Underslung neck octave key.

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax 992 - Bronze - Underlslung octave.

Vintage Bundy Tenor Neck

Vintage Alto Sax Neck

Jupiter Bari Sax neck. An excellent, affordable replacement for a Selmer MkVI bari sax.

And I have some parts horns from which I can potentially scavenge some necks.

Steve Goodson (SaxGourmet) has this to say about neck repair.

SaxGourmet Alto Sax neck This one has "nodal nodules".

Sax Necks


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