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Runyon Model 88
Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

This one is a #8 facing which while the Runyon Facing Chart shows at .094",
I nonetheless measure at 0.096 inches.

That's a larger tip opening than the largest Model 88 Bari Mouthpiece listed on the Runyon website.
But it was faced at the factory...hasn't been altered.

Missing. Did I sell it, or...?

One reason I selected the Model 88 was that I needed an inexpensive bari mouthpiece that was dark, had good presence and tended to play in tune.
If you look at this Comparative Sound Chart on the Runyon website, it meets those criteria.

This mouthpiece has a low step baffle in the chamber.
After the baffle steps down, the floor flows smoothly into the bore.

Runyon Model 88 Bari Mpc


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