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Runyon Custom
Alto Sax Mouthpiece

#6 Opening = .077"


This mouthpiece retails for $97 (w/ spoiler) on the Runyon Website.
This great-playing Alto Mpc. comes with the optional spoiler which makes it like getting two mouthpieces in one.
Leave the spoiler out for legit, balanced, blendable tone.
Insert the spoiler if you are playing in a group and need to rise up and be heard on solo work.

I ordered all the Runyon Customs (alto, tenor, soprano) I recently purchased in the amber color.

As of today, May 23, 2009, the Runyon Custom alto mouthpieces I have in stock are:
- Black #6 (.077")
- Amber #8 (.086")
And I have a Red #7 on order

Runyon Custom Alto


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